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group coaching/Teaching...

  • These sessions are more teaching in nature and deal with specific relational issues and concepts

  • Each session is approximately 60 minutes in length

  • Video clips will be used in many of the sessions as a basis for discussion

  • Current cost for assessments that must be completed before the first meeting - Flag Page personality assessment $24.95 each (one required for each person); Prepare/Enrich $35.00 per couple

  • I will make arrangements and/or provide instruction for taking the assessments.  You will be responsible for the costs.

  • Once the assessments are taken, I'll prepare a 7-9 page report for each person for their Flag Pages.  

  • Then I'll download the Prepare/Enrich reports and contact you to set a time when we can go over both assessments

  • On-line sessions will be conducted utilizing Zoom video conferencing

  • You will be given access to video clips for the on-line sessions that are stored in my Drop Box account

  • On-line sessions will be limited to four couples per session

  • Requirements and conditions for the assessments listed above apply 

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